Stone Hill Sculpture
Marvin A. Raps

Stone sculpture has the power to touch the human conscience with a three dimensional representation of an idea that is forever fixed.  Its endurance against the elements violates the notion of time and speaks to the viewer from ages gone by in a language that has no words but demands attention. 

Sculpture comes alive when viewed from different perspectives.  It has a front and a back.  It gazes up if we look down and turns away if we walk by.  It can sit on the ground as if rising out of the earth or rest authoritatively on a pedestal, untouchable and above the fray.  It lives in the present though the hand that created it may be long gone. 

Stone Hill is a magical place.  Nestled in the pristine woods of the Pocono Mountains above the Delaware River, it is an ideal place to think and create.  Surrounded by Oak, Maple and Pine, visited by Black Bear, Deer and the occasional UPS delivery truck, it fosters the connection between man and nature.  

The Studio and house was built with the hands of independent craftsmen.  It grew from a contractor’s office, to a home for a young family, to what it is today; five acres of inspiration for a late blooming sculptor.  

I am most rewarded by the attention shown to my work, even if ever so briefly, by the unsuspecting eye.  

CASUALTY:  35 pounds of hand carved Steatite.
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